Okay, pour yourself a cup of tea, grab an Arnott’s bickie and let’s talk about what I can do for you. 


From an About Us page that makes your brand shine so brightly glitter will be jealous, to Instagram captions that will stop your followers’ thumbs from scrolling, I can create solid copy that’s in line with your brand’s mission. Media releases, blogs, edms, bios, website copy, product descriptions, social media captions and posts - whatever you need, I’ve got the words for it.

Copywriting Retainer

Need ongoing copy? Require a copywriter who can effortlessly create your brand’s tone of voice and craft all of your outgoing communications (you know - for social media, your website, newsletters, blogs, etc, etc) to be sparkly, consistent and flawless? Pick me! Pick me! You commit to a two-month minimum contract and I commit to providing your brand with all the TLC (Tender Loving Copy, that is) it deserves. Because I’m also a content, social media and brand consultant, I’ll be providing strategic ideas and options for you along the way, free of charge. Sounds fun, right?


I know it, you know it - blogging is brilliant for SEO, building a connection with your audience and boosting your brand’s credibility. But we both also know that it takes time and a lot of effort to get it right. If you need assistance creating a blog strategy and/or creating consistent blogs for your business, please enquire about my blogging packages.  

Media Advising

Does your brand’s “As Seen In The Media” page have tumbleweeds blowing past? I’ll help you change that. As a journalist with experience in both print and digital media, and a consultant who’s created bespoke media campaigns for brands that deliver results, I’ll work with you to get your business the attention it deserves. Get in touch with me for more details on what I offer.

Ms Fix It Social Media and/or Content Report

Got a specific social media or content challenge you’re facing? Can’t get under it? Can’t get over it? After a one-hour consultation, I’ll deep dive into your problem and create a report outlining insights, recommendations and best practice tactics you can implement to fix it. Whether your Facebook engagement has come to a standstill, or you need to crack the code to creating better Instagram captions, I’ve got my toolkit on hand to make fabulous, lasting improvements.

The 360 Degree Social Media and Content Strategy Audit Report

Need to lift your social media and content game? For this audit, I combine analytics and an in-depth look at both your social media (Facebook and Instagram) offering and content offering (your website, eDMs, social media copy, etc) to create a comprehensive report. Within it I share insights, recommendations and best practice tactics your business can implement to increase organic engagement, reach and website traffic and produce higher-quality content. So what sort of results can you expect to see? To give you an idea, one of my clients saw traffic referrals from Instagram increase 10-fold as a result of implementing one of my recommendations. Who knew audits could be so fun?

Brand Voice Creation

If your product is perfect but your ability to communicate it to the world is less than, let me be your Brand Voice Spirit Animal. I work with you (via a face-to-face or phone consultation) to create a unique tone of voice that’s authentic, clear-cut and distinctly you. Then I’ll bestow you with a document that outlines your new brand voice guidelines, so that your communications will stay on track long after our correspondence ends.


Nothing loses a business credibility as instantly as an errant apostrophe. As a journalist with years of both sub-editing and editing experience, I can look over any copy your business requires with a laser-focus. Yes, I’m a word nerd and correct spelling, grammar, syntax, facts and punctuation are my jam.  

In-house Workshops

Need to come up with your brand’s identity, figure out a content strategy or get the media to notice your business and want to involve your whole team? Let’s workshop! I can come to your office (or join you via video/phone conference) to help your entire team come up with a solution. Think of me as your team’s personal trainer when it comes to strengthening your business. Except I won’t force you to do burpees. No one likes burpees.